Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Return Of The MOJO

I've been out of sorts for a few weeks, so I haven't blogged much. But, hey baby, my mojo is back! lol! I had so much to do the past few weeks and was running around like crazy. For now things have quieted down and I've been getting some sewing done.

I'm not going to buy the Horn of America sewing table I blogged about because it costs $1,300.00! And besides, I went to the thrift store yesterday and got a 3 shelf organizer for my yarn for $10. Cleaning up my yarn stash has created some room in my sewing room for another plain 'ol table. Now if I can de-stash my fabrics a little it might actually be comfortable in there!

I've been working on 2 quilts. Here's a preview of one of them:

I'm not usually so bold when it comes to color, but I love the bright blue. I bought both of the fabrics in the photo at the thrift store for $4.00. Not bad. The second quilt I'm working on is almost done, so I'll show it to you when I finish. Actually, the top is almost done; not the quilting part. I'm going to try my hand at free-motion quilting with it. Maybe. I'm scared. But, there's no better time to start learning to free-motion quilt than now, right? If not now, when? There's nothing to fear, but fear itself. Ok, someone STOP ME! You want to know the sad thing? I'm not using my Viking Sapphire 870Q to piece either quilt. That machine makes me nuts. I've been using my Singer 301; the one I paid $25 for at an estate sale in October. It sews beautifully; much better than my Sapphire. Sad, huh? My Sapphire pushes the fabric off to the left at the end of a seam and it doesn't feed the fabric evenly, so the points of my stars and even my 4 squares are rarely even. I thought it was just me and that I must be WAY out of practice with quilting. I had taken a few years off of sewing since I was busy being pregnant and raising kids (lol!), so it seemed logical to think it was me. But my seams have been beautiful with the Singer 301. Makes me want to put my Sapphire on Ebay. I have taken my machine to my dealer and she says its fine. Hmmmm.

Oh, and here's a link to a great website...it has all kinds of sewing links. Check it out: Lily Abello's Sewing Resources.


QuiltedSimple said...

Glad to hear your mojo is back. That is such a bummer about your new machine!!! I'd dump it too - why have seams that don't match up? And I love the fabric in the quilt - I'm not much of one for brights either - but that looks so bright and cheerful together! Have a good evening!

QuiltedSimple said...

PS - and free motion quilting is such a piece of cake - give it a go - you almost cannot do it wrong!!! I do much better at FMQ than straight lines - my lines always look like I've been drinking all day long. LOL

Chicago Sarah said...

Uh...how about a little craiglisting for the Sapphire? (I've no idea what it costs but I'm in the market for a new machine- considering day after t-day sales but I'll be in Maine and will have to schlep it back with me)

Chicago Sarah said...

ps FABRIC at a thrift store? You must MUST tell me which one. I finish school in mid-December and then I'm ALL about thrifting my heart out!

EmilyKate said...

Hi there Arizona! Thanks for visiting my blog, and how kind of you to tell me where I can get a manual!
I have to say I am SO JEALOUS of the singer 301 you picked up with all those attachments! I DREAM of being that lucky at the thrifts :o)
Happy sewing, EmilyKate

Marji said...

Just wanted to let you know that you put a classified on PR with a link to the flickr pages to see what's for sale, except that your flickr pages are marked private, so no one can look at what's available.
You can change the privacy setting on your flickr pages.

Philigry said...

glad you have your mojo back! i think it happens to all of us!

Connie said...

Welcome back!!! My mojo STILL hasn't returned, I'm going to have to start forcing myself to blog until it returns...I'm just glad you're blogging altogether.

girlytwins said...

Congrats on finding your MOJO!! LOL

Love that fabric BTW. Those colors are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished project.


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