Friday, January 8, 2010

A Quick Doll Quilt

My girls love to steal fabric from my sewing room to use as "blankies" for their stuffed animals. So, in an attempt to stop the thievery I made them a doll quilt! As you can see from the first photo, I had to take these pictures quickly because there were little hands waiting to snatch it away!
The Girls' Doll Quilt

I love the top square with the yoga monkey. Too bad I accidentally chopped off part of his head with the binding. Next time I'll remember to add an extra quarter inch....The Girls' Doll Quilt

I backed it with flannel and quilted it with big squiggly circles.Doll Quilt (showing backing)

Does anyone else's daughter have the dog in the photo? I know not much of it is showing, but it's the Sleeping Puppy Alive toy from Wow Wee. To me, this thing looks like a dead dog and it freaks me out when the girls leave it lying in the living room. I always feel like I should call the vet or something.

I still haven't decided how I want to quilt Ellie's Super Duper Ellie Quilt, but I'm going to decide that today because she really wants her quilt! Have a great day!

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girlytwins said...

My girls would love this. They use the quilts we were given in the NICU for their babies. I used to want to save them, but then I realized how much joy they bring me watching my girls play with them.


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