Sunday, April 25, 2010

Swirls Cap

I don't know if I like this hat on me yet. It's cute and it feels good when it's on, so I'll give it a test drive I guess.
Swirls CapThe pattern is the Swirls Cap, which is available on Ravelry. It's a well-written pattern and only took me a day to finish crocheting it, plus one overnight to let it dry after blocking. You probably wouldn't have to block the hat if you used a different yarn, but I used Moda Dea Silk 'n Wool Blend and it definitely needed to be blocked. The Moda Dea also grew a little during blocking even though I tried to keep the original size. It obviously still fits, but if I were to make something else with this yarn, I'd keep that in mind. It's a nice's soft and the color is pretty.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Question Of The Day!

Is there a tool or notion that you seem to always lose? For me, it's my G crochet hook. I have bought 3 G hooks this year alone! Yesterday I started making a Swirls Cap and, of course, it called for a G hook. And, of course, I couldn't find mine. So, off to Joann's I went (lucky for me it's only .8 mile away!) to buy yet another G hook. Size G crochet hooks are also great for doing an alternate cable cast-on in knitting, btw. So what tool or notion disappears on you?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

It's Earth Day, so remember to bring your own reusable shopping bags if you do any shopping today. And walk to your destination, if possible. Oh, and plant a garden. :)


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