Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ellie's Ottobre Shirt

Ellie w/kitty shirt
Here's my latest sewing's an Ottobre pattern for a basic long-sleeved knit T-shirt (#11 in issue 4/2008). This is Ellie, who looks very much like Sunny. But, don't you dare call them twins because currently, they don't like it. Oy.

The whole shirt is serged and honestly, it took me less than two hours to cut and sew this. It went together very quickly. I can't believe I was ever afraid of knits. They're my favorite thing to sew now. I think the best thing you can do to make sewing knit shirts easier is to sew your sleeves in flat. Trying to serge a set-in sleeve can be frustrating!

The kitty fabric is a cotton interlock and is from Joann's. The purple cuffs and neckband are a cotton pique Lacoste fabric from Denver Fabrics. Denver fabrics is awesome. They have a TON of fabric, some of it is designer. They occasionally have Burberry prints.

The hem is cover stitched, of course. Speaking of cover stitching....I'm thinking of buying a Babylock cover stitcher. Baby Lock has a binder attachment for the cover stitcher that I'm drooling over. I want to see it successfully apply a knit binding to a neck edge before I buy it, though. My Viking 936 does a fantastic cover stitch, but it doesn't have a nice binder attachment. It has a binder foot, but the foot doesn't put a double fold binding on. It's single fold and it looks crappy, in my opinion.
I don't know why, but Ellie wanted me to take a picture of the candy she was sucking on while I was taking photos. So, there ya go. Yum.

After I took that photo, she was outta here. So much for that.
Ellie Outta Here

See you soon. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Say Hello to Andy *Woof*hol

Andy Woofhol wall hanging quilt
Isn't it cute? I love it. So does Sunny. In fact, she wouldn't let me take it outside to photograph it. She's a little possessive, I'd say.

I purchased the embroidery design from Embroidery Library and changed the colors to make the quilt look like an Andy Warhol print. Or, at least, my version of one.

The quilted wall hanging measures 18.5"X14.5".

Here's a closer up view of the embroidery....
Close up of Andy Woofhol

I used my Viking Designer Diamond to embroider it with 40wt. Robison Anton Rayon threads. The fabric is a white cotton twill. I think I used cotton batting...

Here's the backing:
Backing of Andy Woofhol

Bright and cheery, isn't it? Just the way I like it. :)


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