Friday, October 15, 2010

Flights of Fancy Baby Quilt

Flights of Fancy Baby Quilt
At work, we are making baby quilts that will be donated to the NICU at the hospital where my girls were born. My twins were monoamniotic/monochorionic, which means there was nothing necessarily wrong with them, but there was everything wrong with their environment, in utero. They are identical twins and because their egg split a little too late, a membrane to separate them did not form. So, for almost 8 months they shared the same amniotic sac and during that time, they got their umbilical cords all knotted up together. So, I sat in the hospital for 6 weeks on 24 hr fetal monitoring and they were born via c-section a month and a half early. That's not too bad, really, considering that many monoamniotic twins are born earlier than that. And if their egg had split any later they likely would have been conjoined, if they had survived at all. So, because I'm a hopeless optimist, in my opinion, I lucked out. It could have been worse. However, they still required a stay in the NICU, which is a very, very stressful experience for new parents. The NICU is a blessing, but it also sucks.

So, this quilt, and two others that will soon be finished, will be donated to their NICU.
Flights of Fancy Baby Quilt

I love the backing to this quilt. I found it at Joann's and can't believe how good it looks with Flights of Fancy by Paula Prass!
Flights of Fancy Baby Quilt
As for the quilting, I stippled the center square and made loop-d-loops around the white border. The outermost border was not quilted. It measures 33"X33"...kind of a weird size, but that's how I roll. ;)

Have a great weekend!


Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Very pretty quilt. God Bless Trish

Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

beautiful quilt!

Anonymous said...

Hello Arizona...
I just found your blog, and I had a girlfriend in the early 60's who's mother's name was Arizona, so I didn't think of the state... :)
How precious your twins must be! I thank God you have them. My daughter lost a boy 3 years ago that was full term because his umbilical cord was extra long, and he had 'swam' in and out of it and it developed a knot and then cut off the oxygen. He was three days over due when this happened and my daughter delivered him the next day. It was a heart break!
I also want to tell you that even though she lost her son, the blankets and little toys she had been given for him were and are still very important to her. I hope that even a mother that might lose a baby will get a blanket that she can cry into!

I LOVE the quilts and fabrics!!!

Michelle said...

wow, that quit is fantastic! Inspired fabric matching. I am terrible at matching fabrics and am always amazed when I see such creative work.

Tina said...

This is beautiful!!


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