Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moo Pants Revisited.

You might remember I made a pair of Moo pants for my niece back in June. I finally got around to making a pair for Sunny.

The only problem is I misplaced the fabric, so I can't put a pocket on the pants until I find it. I hate when that happens! It'll show up once I finish the Mariposa quilt for Elle. I've got fabric all over my sewing room (aka: the hole in the wall) and I'm sure its in there somewhere.

I love this looks like a model pose. If only she would have looked up at me!

As soon as I find the fabric and put the pocket on I'll post another photo...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (sort of)

I love bees, especially the big fat bumbly ones that look like they have no business trying to fly. So when I saw this guy buzzing around I thought I'd try to take a good photo. I am not (repeat, not) a good photographer, but this one is kind of interesting, I think.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!

Yep, Its my birthday! Exactly 39 years ago I made my entrance to the world. Butt first, too. Does that make me a rebel or just back assward? I'm excited to be 39. I've got 3 great kids, a great marriage to a wonderful man, and I'm healthy. What else could a girl want? A few million bucks perhaps, but hey, it ain't over yet. It could happen. ;) For my birthday I registered for 3 classes at the Sewing and Quilt Expo, but all three of my classes were already filled. DARN! I had registered for 2 serging classes and one class called "Coverstitch 101". I want a coverstitch machine and that class would have been very useful. No worries. I'm going to the expo anyway and I'll just have to interrogate the Babylock and Viking salespeople and make them show me what their machines can do and how they work. Ok, maybe "interrogate" is a bit harsh, but they're going to have to work for this sale. I hope they know their stuff.

I also got myself a subscription to Ottobre

I love this magazine. So many cute kid's clothes to sew! I only wish I had more time. If I didn't have to sleep I could get more done. Sleep is kinda important though. ;) I'm kind of nervous about sewing these patterns because the instructions are literally half a paragraph long. I'm used to a little more info on how to put the garment together. Of course, I barely have time to finish the quilts I'm making, so I don't know when I'll have time to sew clothing. Patience, patience...I have to keep reminding myself that there's a time for everything in its season (or something like that). And right now its the season for raising kids.

That said, stay tuned for the Mariposa Quilt Block tutorial. I know I said I'd have it up last week...I'm late! Oh, and Carissa, Mariposa is spanish for "butterfly" !!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The New Year's Challenge

I've joined The New Year's Challenge @ Pieces From My Scrapbag. Its a challenge to finish your UFOs* by New Year's (pretty straight forward, ay?! lol!). Wanna join in the fun? Visit Pieces From My Scrapbag to join. Tell Finn that Arizona sent you! ;)

To see my UFO list, see the sidebar at the right. There are 8 projects I'll be attempting to finish...

*UFO means "unfinished object". I think it should be UFP, for "unfinished project", but UFO is more catchy, isn't it?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun And Games At The Zoo

Ah, a nice relaxing day at the zoo with the darling children. Ha! Sunny and Elle took a liking to this little alligator...

Sunny climbed onto it first. She looks darling, right? Well, when Elle tried to climb on with her, Sunny tried to scratch Elle's eyes out and a twin-fight ensued.

I guess you can say Sunny won this one. I wish I had gotten pictures of them going at one another because its really quite a sight to see, but I had to drop the camera and separate them. Poor Elle.

Luke had to jump on the alligator, too, which really infuriated Sunny. She screamed and pulled Luke's hair. Ugh.

So, we moved on. The kids wanted to walk on this path...

...until Sunny pointed out this sign. "Hey, can't you guys READ???!!!"

After a hike through the Salt Creek Wilderness we went on the carousel. It was the only time there was no fighting.

Boy, my teeth sure are straight, aren't they? I never had braces either. I could use a whitening, though. Nice nostrils, too....

Before we left Luke wanted a photo on the buffalo; or, more accurately, the Bison. Whatever. I always call them tatanka because it stuck with me from the movie Dances With Wolves.

Sunny wanted to sit on it, too, but I was too afraid to let her sit there without holding her, so I could only get a close up. No tatanka in the photo with her.

Time to go home. The day wouldn't have been complete without one last good cry!

I love going out with my kids even though there's always whining, crying and fighting. I used to get a bit flustered when hell would break loose, but now I almost find it amusing. I love when my husband asks how the day went and I get to tell him about all the screaming and fighting. We have a good laugh. We mom's listen to a lot of fighting and whining and screaming. Its a part of raising kids and we all go through it, so why get upset about it? Every trip there are a few moments of bliss where the kids are getting along or Luke will help one of the girls do something and all is right in the world. Those are the moments that warm my heart. I love being a mom. I love it so much, I bought this for myself today:

Totally cheesy, but I had to do it!

Best 3 Excuses To Stay Home

This is the second full week of preschool for Luke and already he has thought of some pretty good reasons to not go. Its really hard for me to take him to school because I really miss him when he's gone and when I take him to school and then see the look in his eyes when I tell him I'm leaving and will be back, well, it kills me. He's such a little guy and he loves his mama. He has a good time once he starts playing with all the toys, but getting him to that point takes some work. One of his favorites is Play Doh. Anyway, here are the top 3 excuses he has come up with for playing hookie.

1. "School is closed, Mama. I can't go when school is closed."

2. "I'm in my pajamas, Mama. I can't go to school. I have to stay in bed." (this one is my personal favorite.)

3. "Mama, its sunny out. We have to play outside. We can't go to school."

I love that he's creative with his excuses. They're really logical for a 3 year old if you think about it. hehe!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I love to make swatches. Keep a few around and they're a great way to quickly decide which pattern to use on a project. Here are a few I did last night:

I want to make vests for the girls and think I'll use the "cobblestone" pattern (upper right corner). But, first I have some sewing to do...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Photo of the Lacy Baby Frock

Only this time, its Sunny outside. Haha! Get it? Its Sunny outside?

I love this photo of Sunny. It shows how sweet she is.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Crocheted Baby Frock

I finished the Crochet Today Baby Frock. I wish I had a better photo to show you, but its raining outside, so I had to take indoor photos. You can click on the photos to see the pattern better. It turned out really cute, but I don't like the yarn I used. Its a fuzzy acrylic and I think it makes the dress look messy. Since this is the first garment I've crocheted I used an inexpensive yarn just in case I totally messed it up. I'll definitely make this again, but next time I'll use a cotton yarn, like Cotton Ease by Lion Brand.

This pattern was really easy. I made the 6-12 month width since my girls are lean, but I lengthened the straps so the dress wouldn't be tight around the armpits. The seaming is really easy, too.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Taste Of Freedom

Life is good! Now that I have my MIL I have a little freedom. Last night I took advantage of it and went to a sewing class at the Viking sewing gallery where I bought my machines. Last night I worked with my serger, but brought along my Sapphire 870Q because I was having trouble with the "fix" button leaving a bird's nest knot under the seam. Lo and behold, I found out that I had threaded my bobbin with HAND QUILTING THREAD. Big, big DUH! Sometimes I worry about myself. lol! So far, the machine is working fine. The lesson here is: don't try to sew when kids are screaming all around you and always check your thread when problems occur. lol! I really shouldn't keep my hand quilting thread in the same rack as my regular threads, but I didn't think I'd ever make such a dumb mistake. I love the sewing class. Its 5 women eating chocolate, laughing, and sewing. We all work on whatever we want to work on and the teacher helps us with whatever we need. Awesome. And after last night I've decided to upgrade to the Designer Diamond. Totally awesome machine. I just have to wait until christmas because we just paid Luke's preschool tuition ($4500.00 !!!!) and still have to pay his Greek school tuition. Yikes. Private preschool in Chicago is PRICEY. Just wait til Kindergarten.

I'm still working on the crocheted toddler dress!!! I tried to finish it last night, but Elle was a little warm and kept waking up all night. I was too lazy to take her temperature. Bad mommy, I know, but she didn't feel that hot. Just a little warm. So I nursed her and nursed her and nursed her and got some sleep around 2:30 am. I'm going to work on the dress today.

Luke also had his first day of preschool today. He did great, but today's session was only an hour and I stayed the whole time. I'm afraid tomorrow he's going to want me to stay again. We'll see what happens.

So, have a great day! I'm off to crochet and hopefully do a little sewing, too.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Babies Babies Babies! And A Little Preschool On The Side

My husband and I went to parent orientation this morning at my son's preschool and there were 3 newborns there. And when I say newborn, I mean, newborn as in 5 days old and 8 days old! The third one was about a month or two old. There were also two pregnant women. OH MY! My ovaries are screaming Release an egg! Release an egg! This one wants another baby!! I think my baby days are over, but my my, how a newborn gets me flushed. I just love them! I wanted to nibble on the little ones (babies are so yummy!), but I'm pretty sure their mothers would not have liked that! :) Luke's preschool is great. He went to summer camp there and he loved it, so I'm not worried about any separation anxiety with him. I'm so excited for him! This is the start of something great.

I'm almost finished with the crocheted toddler dress, so photos will be soon. I'm done with the skirt and am working on the bodice right now. With some luck I'll finish tonight and block it tonight or tomorrow morning.


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