Saturday, August 30, 2008

Does anyone read this blog?

I suppose I'd have readers if I'd post something, ay? lol! I have a lot in the works, but its been a CRAZY two weeks. I was sick for two days and then took another two days to get back to my old self. The kids are insane and are making me insane. Why do they fight SO much? I have to remind myself that my brothers and I fought a lot, too. Seems to be what siblings do sometimes. My MIL is available more often now so we're trying to work something out so I can have some time to myself every week. That'd be good because I'm really close to burning out right now.

On the crochet front, I've finally started the second half of my toddler's dress. If all goes well it'll be done this weekend. It crochets quickly...always a good thing! I'm a slow knitter, so my knitted toddler sundress is going s l o w l y. I've also got a pair of pants I'm sewing for the girls. I had two pairs, but wasn't paying attention when I serged the second pair and accidently pushed the fabric too close to the loopers and the fabric ripped and got tangled in the loopers!!! Such a huge stupid mistake and one that could have cost me my serger, I suppose. I'm also thinking of trading in my sewing machine for a Viking Designer Diamond. Oh yea! I might not get a Maserati during my lifetime, but I might be able to get a Designer Diamond, the Maserati of the sewing/embroidery world. Ok, maybe it isn't the Maserati of the embroidery world, but its close!


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