Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do You Have A Bias Binder Foot? You Should!

Yesterday I made two pairs of shorts for my girls and they reminded me of why I love the bias foot for my sewing machine. Here's Ellie's pair:
Ellie's Monkey Shorts
Do you see my glaring mistake? I really thought the fabric had one column of monkeys facing up and one column facing down, so I thought it wouldn't matter how I placed the pattern piece. After I cut them out I realized that wasn't the case. So now Ellie's shorts have one leg with monkeys facing up and one leg with them facing down. Ugh. She doesn't care, so neither do I. Well, I do care, but not enough to throw this pair out and start over.

Here's Sunny's pair:
Sunny's Polka Dot Shorts
She has a thing for polka dotted dogs, so when she saw this fabric at Joann's she asked to have pants made from it.

Now, about the bias binder foot. I love them so much I have two just in case one breaks or something (the heir and the spare, so to speak!). Check out the stitching on the bias on Sunny's shorts:
Bias bound edge
Click on it to enlarge it if you can't see the stitching well. Isn't it beautiful? I could never do that without the foot. Well, I suppose I could, but not as reliably as the bias foot. ;)
Here is how you use it:
Bias foot in action
And one last photo of it just in case you aren't sick of seeing it yet:
Bias Binder foot for Viking Sewing Machines

Next month it looks like I'll start teaching beginning sewing classes at Joann fabrics, so that will be fun! Between working for the Viking Sewing Gallery (where I'm now a Manager In Training. YAY!) and teaching sewing classes I'll be busy! Then add three kids and a home to take care of and suddenly I'm thinking I'd better hire a maid. :)

Have a great day!!!


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