Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to Successfully Succeed

I love Spongebob Squarepants. In one episode he says he is "confident in his ability to successfully succeed." So, how to succeed at sewing?

I got this booklet years ago at an estate sale. There's nothing like vintage sewing books! This one is from 1962 and if you open the front page, you see this...

Oh yea. Lovely vintage Singer sewing machines. The Featherweight (5th from the right) sold for $132.50 back then. Nowadays you usually can't find them for less than $200.

I also got this book at an estate sale...

It is simply a "How To" book but, I had to laugh when I read this...

There's nothing like saying it bluntly, right?

And these doll books are awesome...
I love the cape on the doll in the middle. Unfortunately, this book doesn't have the paper patterns that originally came with the booklet. It probably wouldn't be too hard to draft one based on the photos in the booklet, though.

This next booklet still has the patterns in it. Yay! It'll be so fun to make doll clothes with my girls when they're a little older. I would've killed for these booklets when I was a girl! They're from 1966. Three years before I was even born.

I also have a bunch of booklets that have knitting patterns in them for dolls and a Barbie pattern from the McCall's pattern company, but I'll share those another day. Right now I've got to get dressed (yep, I'm still in my pj's!!!! such is the life of a SAHM!) and go to the grocery store. Have a great day!!

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Nantucket Dreams said...

i love estate might find nothing but junk, but you keep going because you might find stuff like this! really really cool finds that will have a second home and life with someone who appreciates them!


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