Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Super Duper Quilt

The Super Duper Ellie Quilt is finished! I haven't washed it yet. And I'm nervous about washing it because I didn't prewash anything and it's the first time I used fusible web on an applique on a quilt (I usually do needle-turn). Will it look disfigured when it's washed? I have no idea, but the fusible web makes the applique stiff and I'm not used to that. So, I'm wondering how it will wash up. I'm hoping for the best because I put a lot of energy into this quilt. Ellie loves it, too.

I used wool batting so it will be nice and warm. I usually use cotton batting, but quilts with cotton batting simply are not warm enough for the winter. Luke's Super Duper Luke Quilt has cotton batting, so I layer him with two quilts when I tuck him into bed each night. He wants a new quilt now. One with airplanes. But, first, Sunny gets a Super Duper Quilt.

I'll have more photos tomorrow with the results of the washing. My fingers are crossed that it washes well!!!


Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

I hope it turns out ok for you I know that was a lot of work.

angela said...

I'm going to do that with some words on an auction quilt this month - so I'll be very eager to hear how it turns out!

girlytwins said...

I really hope it washes ok cuz it is adorable!!! I would love to cuddle up under that :) Great job Arizona!


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