Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goals, Shmoals

I usually don't write out goals, but I'm going to this year because I think my memory is shot. This morning I remembered something I wanted to make back in October but, never got around to making. How does that happen!? I swear I'm in menopause. My mom went through it young and she said she couldn't remember anything during it! There are also other reasons why I think I'm starting menopause, but who wants to hear about that?

So, anyway, here's my list:

1) Make a curtain for our front door. I can feel a serious draft through our front door, so I want to make a thick curtain that will cover the entire front door. When I was in England years ago (like, 22 years ago!!!) I noticed that some families did this and I've always thought it was a great idea.

2) Get back to garment sewing! I miss sewing garments. I stopped for two reasons, first, we had moved and I packed away my sewing machines. The house we had moved to was a fixer-upper, so I never ended up unpacking my sewing machines. Then, when we moved back to Chicago four years later, I was pregnant, so there was no reason to sew clothes for myself. Then I got pregnant again with the twins.... So, now that I'm done having kids and my weight is back to where it used to be I can start sewing for myself again. And I can now sew things other than quilts for my kids, which will be fun! I just hope I can remember how to do it!! I haven't put in a zipper in 7 years. Yikes.

3) Make a few Eleanor Burns quilts. There are a few quilts I have seen on her show that I just love, such as the Liberty Star and the Airplane and Propeller block quilts. I also love the Egg Money quilts.

4) Knit for myself. A lot.

5) Go back to work. Yep. I need to work again! I've been a SAHM for 5 years now and I've loved it. But, my son is going to kindergarten in the fall and my girls will start preschool, so it's time for me to work. I'd like to start something part-time (or maybe start my own business) so I can still pick them up from school and be a mostly SAHM. They are still young, after all. When they're pre-teens and can't stand my very presence I can go full-time. Right now I need flexibility.

6) Get out more. I'm a homebody. Mostly because I'm introverted and enjoy being either by myself (so I can sew and/or knit!) or just with my kids. But, I'd like to get out and meet some other women who enjoy sewing/quilting/knitting so I can socialize a little.

Hmmm. So, I didn't list any specific things I'd like to make other than the door curtain and the quilts. I guess that's a good thing. No pressure, right?


Chicago Sarah said...

As a kid in Maine (in an unfinished house) we always had blankets hanging over the doors in the winter. It makes a huge difference and you can do some cool things with the curtain, embellishment with applique or gorgeous heavy velvet, etc..

beth said...

No pressure. Good luck on the job search. Hope you find something you really enjoy.

julia said...

What kind of work are you looking for? good luck finding something that works for you and you little family!

Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

I hope you find what you and your family needs! Happy New Year/You!

QuiltedSimple said...

Love your list. ANd it's general enough - no pressure! Enjoy your days

girlytwins said...

Those are great goals. I wish I could motivate myself to be more crafty this year. I so admire all the fun stuff you make.

Nantucket Dreams said...

i think i need a curtain for my door too!!! there is a serious draft that blows right onto- dum da du dum- the thermostat! not good!
i love your goals, especially the one about getting out more...i need to do this too and connect with other girls/women that enjoy doing what i do as well!

Robin said...

I like your goal list! I'll include you on my next (KIB - knit in bar) invite, which should go out sometime in the next month or so. It would be a hike for you to come out here, but it would be fun to get together! It's about six or seven of us in our group now. Two of us now live in Chicago though, so maybe we could do a Chicago one this time!


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