Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Huskylock 936

Here's one of the purchases that I tried to get my husband to talk me out of. Not that I didn't want it because I've been wanting one of these for a L O N G time.

Its set up for coverstitching right now (and Robin, it only took me 15 minutes! Not too bad!). It does a nice coverstitch, too.

The woman I bought it from lives nearby so I didn't have to have it shipped. That's always a plus! She's a great sewist and an awesome knitter. She has a blog, Yarncrawl, where she blogs all her creations. Check her out! As for me, I'm off to make a Super Why! costume for Luke and two cowgirl costumes. I hope my OTHER BIG PURCHASE comes in soon because I need it to finish the cowgirl costumes. As soon as its here I'll show y'all what it is. How'd you like that cowgirl speak? Y'all...that's a word I could get used to. Maybe.


Robin said...

That's great on the coverstitch conversion - I only tried it once and I think it took me like an hour! I'm glad you're happy with it. Thanks for the mention as well!

Connie said...

So cool....I can't even make Alexas toy sewing machine work!! I like your blogs combined....some of my favorite blogs are crafty family blogs...they just go together so well.

Stephanie said...

Very nice! I had a feeling it was a new machine that you purchased! The scarf for the doll is cute - she'll love it!

Finn said...

Hi Arizona, what a fun purchase! I think you'll get a lot of use out of it.
THe scarf is a great early project!
The American girl dolls can be seen at their online site. I think you just need to put American girl into your search engine. Also, can be seen on Ebay. They are 18" dolls with pre-teen measurements. Their heads are about the size of a medium orange. Lots of patterns out their for clothes, etc for them. You'll have a fan for life if you make stuff for a youngsters doll! Hugs, Finn

Good N Crazy said...

Holy holy holy. Um...EXPENSIVE! And didn't you just get a new/old machine? You dog!

my little girl is sooooo begging for american girl doll clothes. So we went 'shopping' online. And two items? Over $100. She kind of went, oh.

I figure dang, let's get into the fancy sewn doll clothes business eh? I'll send you all my scraps...we'll be RICH!!!

Jaime said...

NICE. I bet you'll have some fun with that machine!

Chicago Sarah said...

Oh my. I'm trying hard to not be envious, but that's an amazing machine! Can't wait to see what you turn out with it...

Mary said...

I'm getting that same serger for Mother's Day! Can't wait!

I just wanted a serger, hadn't looked into what kind or what features I had to have. My husband asked the ladies he works with and this is what they told him to get.

I'm happy to see that you and your commenters are excited about this particular machine. Must be a good one!


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