Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The 5 Minutes That Changed The World

Ok, maybe not the world, but it changed my vocabulary. Yesterday morning I left Sunny alone in the kitchen for 5 minutes to finish her pancake...5 short minutes...while I went to get Luke dressed for school. When I got back to the kitchen I found her sitting ON the table. She had opened the bottle of maple syrup, dumped half the bottle onto her pancake and was eating it like she was a doggie (a behavior she learned from her goofy brother). So she had sticky maple syrup all over her shirt, her legs, her face, and her hair. And I had to leave in 10 minutes to take Luke to school. She looked up at me with a huge grin. At that moment I exclaimed, "Oh you are totally getting blogged for this one!" And at that moment the word blog made the jump from noun to verb in my vocabulary. So there you have it. The 5 minutes that changed my world vocabulary.


Robin said...

Too funny (although cleaning it up probably wasn't fun!!) I use blog as a verb - kinda like how now Google and Mapquest are now verbs. "Google it"..."I'll mapquest it".

Jessie V said...

that is too funny!

Shannon said...

I have threated my family with that. It has worked a couple of times. Stops 'em in their tracks.

Too funny. Wish there was a photo to go with that story!


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