Thursday, March 11, 2010

Preview Of The Sunny Bunny Doggie Ruff Quilt

So far, I love Sunny's quilt! It's a hexagon quilt featuring her favorite animal. Almost all of the hexagons are cut and ready to be sewn, so I'm fighting the urge to stay up all night and sew. But, I know I'll be better off if I go to bed and wake up early to sew. I don't function well when I'm tired! Here's a preview of her name:

The hexagons aren't sewn together yet in the photo. In fact, the applique isn't done yet, either. I'm still trying to decide if I want to satin stitch the applique or use a blanket stitch. I'm not turning my edges under, so I'm leaning towards a satin stitch. Or maybe just a short zig zag. I'm also not using fusible web this time. I'm going to experiment with a few applique edge finishes to see which one I like the most. What do you all recommend? I'd love suggestions/advice. Usually I turn my edges under and hand stitch (needle-turn) when I applique, but I'm trying to branch out and try different (and quicker) techniques.

Here's a close up of Sunny's FAVORITE animal. The girl can't get enough of them!


I let her name her quilt and since I call her Sunny Bunny all the time, she decided to name her quilt The Super Duper Sunny Bunny Doggie Ruff Quilt. How I'm going to get all of that onto a quilt label is beyond me. It's going to be a rather large quilt label, I think!

PS: I won a giveaway from Clothworks fabric!! WooHoo!! It's a beautiful fabric, too, called Hungarian Blue. I already have a quilt pattern in mind for it. As soon as I receive the fabric, I'll post pics! Click here to go to their blog.


Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Hungarian Blue was my favorite of all the fabric... you lucky girl... that will make a super quilt.My granddaughter calls herself super Emy.Wonder where they are getting this word from.Trish

Chicago Sarah said...

Or just a small label with really small writing! :) Love the hexagons.

QuiltedSimple said...

I think this quilt is going to be perfect for sunny, and i LOVE the name she came up with:)

Sewn With Grace said...

Very fun and cute quilt project. Stopping by on my blog visiting adventures. Have a blessed day!


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