Monday, March 22, 2010

The New Knitty

Have you seen the new issue of Knitty? Unfortunately, nothing really rocks my boat except these, which I TOTALLY love!! After I finish the Braided Hooded Tunic I'm currently knitting, I think I'll knit a pair! The Braided Hooded Tunic is on the cover of the current issue of Interweave Knits.

It's been a rough two weeks, so I still have Sunny's quilt to finish, too. It looks good so far, but it's just taking a while to finish. Hope you all have a great day!


Chicago Sarah said...

What's up? I hope you and yours are well...and I can't wait to see those knitted shorts. :)

QuiltedSimple said...

Hope all is well - I love that braided hooded tunic! Can't wait to see more:) We were in Chicago (well, flying through at 60 mph on 90) both Friday and Saturday - it was interesting:)


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