Monday, March 1, 2010

It's National Craft Month

What do you have planned? I have lots planned. February was a month of growth for me (read: emotionally and physically difficult, but resulted in growth and insight), so I'm looking forward to March. There will be warmer weather coming our way and I will have more time to spend sewing. Yay!

This week I plan to finish knitting my hat (which I will likely not need much longer...isn't that always the way?) and I'm going to finish the linen top I have planned for Sunny. I didn't start it last week because since it's actually a cardigan-type top, I want to underline it and I need to decide what to use as underlining. Initially, I wanted to use silk organza since it will combat wrinkling the best while giving the linen some body, but I don't want to dry clean the top. I hate dry cleaning. So, that leaves cotton batiste or organdy. Since organdy is really expensive and, for the most part, only comes in white, I'm leaning towards cotton. Or maybe I should just line the cardigan? I'm still undecided. I've posted a question about it on the Stitcher's Guild site and am hoping for some advice from more experienced sewists. I love the internet. Isn't it great that you can go to a site and ask for help and there are women and men out there who will answer your sewing questions? I think it's fantastic!

I'm also hoping to finish an afghan I've been knitting for the past 3 months. It's a very simple stockinette and seed stitch afghan designed to use up 9 balls of Lion Brand Thick & Quick that has been in my stash forever and I have no idea what to use it for other than an afghan. Boy, I'm out of breath just typing that run-on sentence!

I also need to make progress on the Super Duper Sunny Bunny Quilt. She keeps asking for it and I must deliver!

So, what do you all have planned for the week? What are your goals for National Craft Month? Get busy!! :)

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QuiltedSimple said...

I plan on finishing 3 or 4 knitted sweaters. We are driving(!) out to Minnesota to pick up a puppy - so that means 13 hours of driving time one way - which should mean lots of knitting time for me since I am refusing to drive through Chicago...or at night...or in the early


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