Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Few Blocks...

I'm participating in Amanda Jean's block-a-day quilt-a-long. I'm a little behind in making blocks, but that's the story of my life, so all is good! Here is a block...
9 patch
The floral fabric was cut from these pants that used to be Sunny's:

The flash on my camera washed out the color in the photo. The pants were a size 0-3 month and they fit her for a very long time. I thought that girl would never grow, but one day she surprised me and sprouted. That's another story though. I'm glad I can use her clothes to make quilts now. lol! Also in the picture you can see the white fabric cut for the panda quilt-a-long at AJ Quilts. I'm going to work on that tonight. You can also see Luke's quilt somewhat. The quilting is done so all that is left to do is bind it. Crossgrain binding is so much faster, so I might do that. But, I want it to last, so I'm debating taking the time to make bias binding. The thing is: the fabrics I used for the quilt are not the greatest. They don't make the Disney licensed print fabrics very well (definitely NOT quality fabrics!) so I keep thinking I shouldn't bother taking time to make bias binding since the fabrics probably won't last very long anyway.

Here are two other 9 patch blocks I finished today.
9 patch blocks for CMQ's block a day...
I debated joining Amanda Jean's block a day quilt a long because I have A LOT of quilts going on right now as well as a scarf I need to knit (on size 3 needles!! OY!), but I'm glad I joined because I really love the 9 patches I've done. They're really bright and happy. And I could really use bright and happy right now!

Have a great weekend!!


QuiltedSimple said...

Love your blocks - I'm strip piecing mine so they go quicker, and I have SUCH A HARD TIME doing totally scrappy!!! Can't wait to see Luke's quilt when you get the binding done!

Anonymous said...

Love the blocks!


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