Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Stuff.

Thanks for the nice comments about Elle and her crocheted hoodie. I think she's pretty cute, too! lol! And Sarah gets extra brownie points for saying Elle looks like me! Speaking of Sarah, I had the pleasure of meeting her for coffee on Saturday morning! A few weeks ago I won a fabric giveaway on her blog and since we live so close to one another we decided to meet for coffee. Here are the fabrics:

The sweater knit is more red than the picture shows. I'm excited to work with it since I've never sewn sweater knit before. Before I cut into it I have to read through the forums at Pattern Review to get some tips on how to sew it well. I love the other fabrics, too; especially the plaid. That will make cute pants or jumpers for my girls.

I also stitched this during the weekend:

It was a cross-stitch kit that I've had forever and finally got around to stitching it. I put it in the frame for the photo, but have to iron it before I put it in the frame permanently. I have no idea who to give it to, but it'll make a great Christmas gift for someone!

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Tracy said...

how neat you actually get to meet a blogging friend & be a winner no less. wonderful stuff.


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