Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thread Really Does Matter

I got my Sapphire sewing machine back from the shop. This time I took it to a man who works on them right there in his shop (he's an authorized Viking repair person) and he taught me a lot about thread today. Shortly after I got my Sapphire I started using machine quilting thread for my machine quilting. I thought it would be great stuff...I mean, its made for machine quilting so it must be perfect for that purpose, right? The repairman, John at B&J Sewing Center, told me that its too thick for sewing machines and that its coated and the coating tends to gunk up the bobbin case and mess up the tension. Same thing with topstitching thread. Who knew? I sure didn't. So I'm back to using plain 'ole 100% cotton thread for my quilting and either mercerized cotton or polyester for piecing and garment construction.

The author of another blog I read, Melissa at Fehr Trade, also says topstitching thread is too thick for most machines and to instead use Gutterman Extra Strong thread for topstitching. Looks like that's what I'll be doing. Maybe I'll try using it for machine quilting, too. I like the look of a thicker thread in my quilts. That's why I prefer to hand quilt; hand quilting thread is nice and thick. I just don't like how long it takes to hand quilt and I thought by using machine quilting thread I could get the look I like with my machine.

Looks like I'll be using the rest of my machine quilting thread for basting!


Cheryl said...

Was the thread with coating Gutterman? Because that always feels like it has a waxy coating to me. I usually use Mettler silk finish for all my quilting and haven't had a problem. Then again, I have a dorky little machine.

You could try using the thicker threads in the bobbin and quilt from the back. Then you can use some crazy stuff. As long as your tension behaves, that is.

SewAmy said...

I use the Mettler and Aurifil.

Chicago Sarah said...

So this means I shouldn't plan on standing under your 2nd story window with a big net and a raincoat (for the watermelon)? :)

QuiltedSimple said...

I've always used guterman....but mainly because that is what the dealer where I got my machine said works the best in berninas. Interesting....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip.


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