Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moooooo Pants

I made these yesterday as a gift for my niece, who turned 5. She had a pair of cow print pants when she was a toddler and she loved them (they were actually a pony print, but we've always called them her cow pants). She grew out of them and her mother (my SIL) gave them to me for my girls. She was so sad when she grew out of them because she loved them, so I thought I'd make her a pair in her current size. If she likes them I'll get a photo of her wearing them since I don't think they look very good just hanging on a hanger.

Here's the back. Looks the same except for the pocket.

Here's a close-up of the pocket. I had the bee applique...its cute on the pants, isn't it? I like it a lot!

I serged them; here's a peek at the inside.

I'll be making these again so I traced out the pattern in the other sizes (McCalls 2198). The only thing I will change is the elastic waist. The pattern allows a 1 1/4" casing for 3/4" elastic, but I think it should really use 1" elastic. So next time I'll extend the casing and use 1" elastic. I also rarely make typical casings for my elastic. I like to serge the elastic to the fabric like they do for a lot of RTW. No rolling or twisting elastic that way. Here's a tutorial for the way I do it if you are interested. This weekend I'll be sewing matching pants for my girls in the same print (its Michael Miller's pony print). My niece loves my girls and constantly asks if she can have one of them. Which one? I always ask. She can never decide. Too cute!


SewAmy said...

Very cute pony pants. I hope she lets you take a picture of her wearing them. I love making pants for my son, there are such cute prints out there.

Patty said...

I want a pair of mooooo pants! They are totally cute. And , that's sweet of you to make your niece a pair since she outgrew the other ones. :)

Shannon said...

So cute! Great work too. I would never reveal the inside of my projects. Its always a mess...oops, did I just say that? That was supposed to be my little secret.

QuiltedSimple said...

How cute - can't wait to see them on her.


Philigry said...

those are adorable!

Good N Crazy said...

I especially like the edging at the bottom of the pants PERFECT!


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