Monday, September 22, 2008

The New Year's Challenge

I've joined The New Year's Challenge @ Pieces From My Scrapbag. Its a challenge to finish your UFOs* by New Year's (pretty straight forward, ay?! lol!). Wanna join in the fun? Visit Pieces From My Scrapbag to join. Tell Finn that Arizona sent you! ;)

To see my UFO list, see the sidebar at the right. There are 8 projects I'll be attempting to finish...

*UFO means "unfinished object". I think it should be UFP, for "unfinished project", but UFO is more catchy, isn't it?


VE said... can't hide!!!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Oh! I have a huge one that takes precedence, but I can't seem to motivate myself. I'm about 3/4th of the way done with it, but aaahhhhh!

How are you motivating yourself?


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