Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Taste Of Freedom

Life is good! Now that I have my MIL I have a little freedom. Last night I took advantage of it and went to a sewing class at the Viking sewing gallery where I bought my machines. Last night I worked with my serger, but brought along my Sapphire 870Q because I was having trouble with the "fix" button leaving a bird's nest knot under the seam. Lo and behold, I found out that I had threaded my bobbin with HAND QUILTING THREAD. Big, big DUH! Sometimes I worry about myself. lol! So far, the machine is working fine. The lesson here is: don't try to sew when kids are screaming all around you and always check your thread when problems occur. lol! I really shouldn't keep my hand quilting thread in the same rack as my regular threads, but I didn't think I'd ever make such a dumb mistake. I love the sewing class. Its 5 women eating chocolate, laughing, and sewing. We all work on whatever we want to work on and the teacher helps us with whatever we need. Awesome. And after last night I've decided to upgrade to the Designer Diamond. Totally awesome machine. I just have to wait until christmas because we just paid Luke's preschool tuition ($4500.00 !!!!) and still have to pay his Greek school tuition. Yikes. Private preschool in Chicago is PRICEY. Just wait til Kindergarten.

I'm still working on the crocheted toddler dress!!! I tried to finish it last night, but Elle was a little warm and kept waking up all night. I was too lazy to take her temperature. Bad mommy, I know, but she didn't feel that hot. Just a little warm. So I nursed her and nursed her and nursed her and got some sleep around 2:30 am. I'm going to work on the dress today.

Luke also had his first day of preschool today. He did great, but today's session was only an hour and I stayed the whole time. I'm afraid tomorrow he's going to want me to stay again. We'll see what happens.

So, have a great day! I'm off to crochet and hopefully do a little sewing, too.


Tracy said...

Man, I wish you lived next door & you could help me with my simple sewing needs - you would certainly laugh at how much I DO NOT know. Cannot wait to see the dress.
Thank goodness our church has a great preschool - I don't think could afford Chicago! lol

Chicago Sarah said...

I'm so glad you're back! The sewing class sounds great. I'm looking forward to next spring when I'm done grad school and hope to do more aren't a bad mommy, just a sensible one. :) Now show us the dress!

Shannon said...

So great! I want to go to a sewing class like that. Chocolate and any project I want...perfection!

Poor Elle. Hope she's feeling better soon!

Laura said...

How nice to get a night out! To get something done is even better! That tution is really very expensive. I won't complain about my girls preschool anymore (well not to you atleast). Ha ha.


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