Friday, September 17, 2010

Applique Dogs

My girls won't wear anything unless it has dogs or monkeys on it. So.....yesterday, I turned two inexpensive, plain, sweatshirts into two cute, still inexpensive, sweatshirts that my girls will now wear without tears.
Ellie's Doggie Sweatshirt
Sunny's Doggie Sweatshirt
The funny thing is, they don't like to be dressed alike. So, when I asked them to stand next to one another for a photo, this is the best I got:
They don't like to be dressed alike!
You'll be seeing this dog again because I have a quilt planned that will use this applique along with a few other dog appliques I'm sketching. I also have a few coloring books with dogs in them and will probably copy some from there (the dog applique above was copied from a coloring book). Coloring books are so great for applique ideas!!

Have a happy weekend!

The specs:
Main fabric: quilting cotton
Purple fabric on ears and nose: linen
Wonder Under used to fuse pieces to sweatshirt and then I straight stitched around edges.
Hand embroidery for eyes and mouth.
Applique measures 4.5"X 5"


Robin said...

Really cute! I like the wary look they are giving each other - you caught it on camera! Sibling rivalry at its finest...

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

What a easy way to save...and cute as a button and they don't know these have been repurposed do they...are they twins. God Bless Trish

angie said...

I didn't blog for a few months, I come back and your girls are grown up. THey are SO beautiful, Arizona!

girlytwins said...

That is so funny. My girls only wanna wear dresses. Yours is much harder of a task.

Anonymous said...

That is cute they want animals on their clothes. I have 5 granddaughters and they each have such style of their own! They are 7,5,4,3,2, and I have a 1 year old grandson.


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