Monday, September 13, 2010

Arizona + Belly Dancing = OMG LOL!

Yes, I've taken up belly dancing. To say I look ridiculous is an understatement, but it's so fun I can't help myself!! There will be no photos of this new undertaking of mine, so there is no need to shield your eyes from this post.

The sad fact is that my waistline has grown and because I am a working mother of three young kids I eat poorly and rarely have time to exercise. But, there's no time to whine about it because I have a project to show you! And no, it isn't a belly dancing outfit. ;)

Sunny's Drawstring Backpack
My girls needed backpacks for preschool, so I made them quick and easy drawstring backpacks with fabrics they chose. Of course Sunny chose dogs.
Sunny's Backpack
And Elle chose monkeys.
Elle's Drawstring Backpack
Ellie wanted her name on her backpack, so I did a quick embroidery of her name for the pocket.
Elle's Drawstring Backpack
I used fusible fleece as interfacing on both backpacks. That will add durability to the fabric (it is quilting cotton from JoAnns) and add some cushion. Both bags are also fully lined with contrasting fabric.
Lining in Ellie's backpack
I used a heavy duty grommet kit from Home Depot to install grommets on the bottom of the backpacks to hold the straps. Seriously, if you want good grommets, get the kit from Home Depot. Previously, I had the plier tool from Joanns and nothing I ever applied with it stayed on for long. I also fused vinyl to the corners of the backpacks to help the grommets stay put.

Next, I'm making reusable insulated sandwich and snack bags for Luke's lunchbox. That will save hundreds of plastic baggies from the landfill during this school year. I'll post a link to the tutorial I'm planning to use after I've made the bags.

My sewing room is also getting a mini makeover, so hopefully I can show you some pictures of it later this week. :)


Mary said...

Those are very cute backpacks. What lucky little girls!

Robin said...

Oh, those backpacks are SO incredibly cute!! Wow!

Michelle said...

Have fun belly dancing! A friend of mine in grad school taught classes, and I really loved it. Those backpacks are adorable, too!

girlytwins said...

You are so awesome Arizona. Your girls are so lucky to have such a crafty momma!!


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