Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sewing A Pillowcase is Fun!

One of the classes I teach at Joann Fabrics is Kid's Sewing 101: the Pillowcase. I have never been interested in sewing pillowcases because I thought it would be so boring. But, I had so much fun sewing my class samples! I made a Curious George pillowcase for Ellie (her favorite character). There it is behind her in the photo.

And there it is again.

Ellie, my daughter who would never allow me to photograph her, is suddenly the big ham.

For the class I teach, the students are instructed to straight stitch and then zig zag the seam allowances, but for Elle's pillowcase I used french seams. I don't know if you can see them in the photo because Ellie was trying to model it for me. She's so funny.

Oh, and there's some topstitching. Hey, Elle, can you move your cute face for a minute?


Speaking of Joann Fabrics, they are hosting a quilt contest and the grand prize is $2,500. You can also win an AccuQuilt GO! and a lot of other great prizes. I'm not eligible to enter because I work for Husqvarna Viking, but I thought I'd tell you all about it in case you want to enter. I really wanted to enter and am bummed that I'm not eligible. Let me know if you do enter...I'd love to see your entries!


girlytwins said...

Oh bummer!! That is right up your alley. And you have some awesome quilts. Ellie sure is a ham. Addee has turned into my ham lately and she has to check all her pics after wards LOL.

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

My that is a bummer that your not eligible....not fair is it....thank you for telling us. Trish

Julia said...

I just made our 4 year old grand a Fancy Nancy pillowcase. You would think it was a whole room makeover the way she got so excited!

Robin said...

So cute!! I have been behind on my blog reading, so I missed that you were teaching classes at JoAnn's. Your daughter is ADORABLE. What a cutie with all that curly brown hair and you can just see all of her energy bursting through the photos!

VE said...

I can still find out out in the blog world!


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