Sunday, July 19, 2009

How To Make Gluten Free Cupcakes That Taste Good

Use a good mix. lol! These cupcakes were made using Pamela's gluten free chocolate cake mix and they were really good! The frosting was also a Pamela's gluten free mix. Both were very easy to make.

Nothing like a cupcake and a cup of tea. I love my new mug. It's cute, isn't it? It was on sale at Joann's for $3.95, so I couldn't resist. I also got one that says, "I love quilting". Totally dorky, I know.

The cupcakes got a thumb's up from Luke....

What a great way to start the week!


Allie said...

Yum, those look good! Love your new mug!

Chicago Sarah said...

Yummy looking cupcakes...and why does Luke suddenly look 14 years old? :)


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