Friday, January 2, 2009

The "Greenery" Quilt

I finished the quilt top this morning. Finally!

Actually, I'm not completely done with the top...

The backing is going to be solid green and I want to bind it with a print. Since the print would be lost on the top side I'm going to put a 2" solid green border around it. That will let the binding stand out on both the front and the back. So, I'm off to finish this one up. Its currently 70"X70". After the border is put on it'll be 74" X 74".

I really like this quilt. Its almost completely from stash and includes a shirt I got from a thrift store! The white w/floral stripe fabric is cut from the thrift store shirt. The shirt was nice, but I really liked it for the fabric. It fits this quilt perfectly and for a buck, it was worth it.

I also made my huzband a knit-a-roni hat, but it turned funny looking. The knitting itself is good, but I made it with a bright orange yarn (the Huz hunts) and when he put it on we both started laughing because he looks like the guy from the cartoon Fat Albert. He wouldn't model it for a picture (wimp!) so here I am wearing it.

It cracks me up.

Have a great weekend!!


QuiltedSimple said...

The quilt top looks great - can't wait to see it completed!!! And the hat is cool - love it!

Shannon said...

Beautiful quilt! I can't remember the last time I sewed. I really need too! What I really need is for you to come and show me how to quilt:)

That hat is adorable...if a bit orange. The knitting looks great!

Tracy said...

the hat works for you, but I can see how it comes off a bit 'fat albert'. too funny. wow - the quilt is amazing & hoping some day in the future I will be able to quilt again.

Jaime said...

I love the quilt! It looks great! I actually love the hat, too. Although I would probably request a different color!;)

girlytwins said...

LOVE that quilt. Green is my fav color so I would love to cuddle up to this :)

That hat is hilarious. It is a way cute style but I might have to agree with the color.

Patty said...

I love te fabric you used for the quilt, especially the thrift store shirt. I can't imagine cutting out and sewing together all those little squares though. You look cute in the hat!


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