Monday, December 22, 2008

Dog Play

My two doggies: Sunny and Moose

Anyone with dogs and kids knows that when your kids are young they go through a phase where they act like the family dog. At least, I hope other kids do this! lol! Sunny barks and licks. She even barks at and licks Moose. Moose doesn't like this. She looks at Sunny like she's nuts.

Moose has her own story. When she was a young Moose she was tied to a satellite dish in someone's backyard all day long. They kept her tied up even in winter, which is really hard on a Boxer since they have very little hair. Luckily, one day Moose's owners decided she was too much hassle and decided to take her to the dog pound. That's where we found her. Now she has good food, a warm bed, and three little kids who love her to death. She was work in the beginning, though. We rescued her before we had kids; I don't think we could have kept her if we had kids then because she had issues. She almost completely ripped Buddy's ear off...twice (Buddy is our other Boxer). Luckily we already had a really good relationship with our vet and he didn't report us for dog fighting or something. After months and months of work with Moose she blossomed and decided to trust that we loved her and wouldn't ever tie her to a satellite dish in our backyard. She also learned that other dogs aren't necessarily a threat (poor Bud! She's glad her ears are safe now!). Moose turned into such a great, loving dog. When they end up in the pound, dogs know something is rotten in Denmark and things don't look good (I think the tag that states the euthanasia date is a clue...they can read, you know...). Conversely, they know when you rescue them and they know when they are loved. The only thing that never changed about Moose is: she's camera shy!! We love you Moose!


Jocasta said...

Merry Christmas!

It won't surprise you that we also have an 'extra' dog in our house. Often 'Jess the sheepdog' comes to play. She has her own lead and demands to be lead around and often I keep her busy by throwing pretend bones for her to fetch!

I have learnt that hearing barking from your child while out is bad news! As I look down to see her on all fours licking (yes licking) the floor!!

Chicago Sarah said...

Even when there isn't a dog in the nephew (dogless) went through a phase of "I'm a doggie, I need to eat on the floor, I have paws not hands, etc.". Not a bad gig for a kid, really. ;)

Jaime said...

Glad you found such a great pet in Moose.
My nephew is currently a cat and has been constantly for almost 2 weeks!!
Kids are so funny.

VE said...

Ha! Great photos. Have a Merry Christmas to you and your family. I'll see you on the other side.

Nantucket Dreams said...

she is precious, and so lucky that you found her. i love stories with a happy ending, and it just goes to show that love can go a long long way. merry christmas!

Patty said...

I wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas -- what nice surprise to read about how you rescued Moose. Good for you for sticking with her. Not everyone would do that. And, she totally knows that you guys saved her. The shelter I got Sophie from had euthanasia dates listed on cards attached to the kennel doors. I put Soph in my car, not even thinking twice about getting close to her. But she knew I was her way out of there. She didn't start nipping at us until later. :) Happy Holidays, Arizona!!

Philigry said...

such a sweet post.
i wanted to let you know i did not forget about the pay it forward! when you get a chance, forward me your mailing address to


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