Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Do You Get A Teacher For Christmas?

I have to buy a gift for Luke's Greek school teacher, but don't know what to get. Any ideas?? I was thinking I'd buy her a nice ornament.....?????

Here are some of my latest projects...

First up is a stack of hats going to charity. The lovely Sea World Barbie is kind enough to present these....

Since July, I've knitted 22 hats for charity. Hopefully they'll find heads that fit them. Now I need to knit a hat for myself because it's getting COLD out!
Here's another hat that is going to still needs a button to hold down the flap.

It's the Robin's Egg Blue Hat pattern on Ravelry. I love this pattern and am thinking of knitting myself one of these hats!
I also knitted this scarf to go with it:
Feather Scarf
This pattern is the Feather Scarf from the book Twinkle's Big City Knits.

These are for ME:
Knitted washcloths
I didn't think I'd like knitted face cloths, but I do! They feel so nice on your skin.

And last, but not least is a baby quilt top. I couldn't get a good photo of it because two little girls I know wouldn't stay off of it long enough for me to snap a decent photo. ;)
Baby Quilt

See what I mean?
The girls
They couldn't resist jumping up and down on it. Little stinkers! I'm going to back the quilt with flannel and do minimal quilting. It measures 36" X 56". I don't have a recipient for this quilt yet, so I'll hang onto it for a while. Or maybe I'll give it to charity. I don't know yet.

So, back to my original question.... What's a good gift for a teacher????


QuiltedSimple said...

Great knits and a lovely quilt. I'm giving all the teachers and the busdriver toast and toasty from a friend to knit with. WHich, my mom just saw today (or maybe yesterday) on good morning america that hand knit fingerless mitts are THE gift to give this year. So for once, I will be "with it". I've knit 5 pairs so far in the last week - at least they go fairly quick

Shannon said...

Good heavens to Betsy, you have been busy! Those hats are great and so much appreciated, I'm sure. I wish I had that quilt done at my house. There are so many new babies popping up that I had a dream that I was pregnant with twin boys. Uh huh, you read that right. Back in the hospital and all. Too much damn baby talk around here!

julia said...

Teacher's gifts are tough, but as a teacher myself I can suggest a few that I always enjoyed. A really nice thank you note from you and your child was always one of my favorites. A small plate of homemade goodies,a jar of cookie or brownie mix or hot tea mix, etc...., a hat like the ones you are knitting, an ornament (be sure to put your child's name and the year on it), a gift card to a local restaurant, or a book donated to the school library in her honor are just a few ideas of things that were appreciated.

stringsofpurls said...

I always think gift cards to a coffee shop or a book store are nice. Even $5.00 is enough to get something! I used to quilt and abandoned it for knitting. I need to get back to it. Nice blog!

Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

Love the hats, and love the quilt top! What did you decide to make for the teacher(s)?


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