Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I was websurfing the pattern websites and I really like a few new Vogue patterns...check them out:

This first one is totally me. Athletic-looking, but sexy. Not that I'm athletic or sexy, but that kind of style fits my body type, which is straight up and down. No hips, no boobs.

I love this whole outfit! The jacket is awesome!

A part of me wants to be classy and vintage (not that I'm not classy or vintage!! lol!), and this pattern fits that bill perfectly! This would look great for a fundraiser we are going to in 2 weeks. I just redesigned my sewing room (pics soon!) and it's very convenient to sew in there now (always a good thing!)

What's on your sewing agenda?


Gail said...

I love all of these patterns although I couldn't the mini dress. My daughters could. My sewing agenda includes finishing my Chanel jacket, starting a major project for my daughter's formal dress and organising a summer wardrobe.

QuiltedSimple said...

What great patterns! I'm trying to dig out my sewing room....

Shannon said...

Love them all! Especially that first one. I think you should fully embrace athletic/sexy/vintage and classy! Create yourself and wear whatever feels good. There is no wrong answer. Its all about creating your right answer!! Can't wait to see what you make!

julia said...

No hips, no boobs! We are total opposites!!! LOL! I love these patterns. I haven't commented as much lately either. It seems that I just don't have enough time in my days.

Robin said...

I like the patterns! I think they could work on someone with moderate amounts of hips and boobs (me!) but they would be best on someone without a lot of either.


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